About Us

Located in the heart of Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture,
with easy access to sightseeing spots as well as businesses, we aim to offer good hospitality services
to our guests in a comfortable and homely atmosphere
(9 stories, 89 rooms, including meeting rooms, restaurant, and 2 elevators).

The staff will be hospitable together

All our staff heartfully welcome you:
Whatever your purpose of your stay, for sightseeing or business,
we are most pleased that you will enjoy your stay and wish to stay with us again
in the future. We eager to know your opinions to improve our service.

1F Front Desk

1F Lobby

1F Restaurant "Warm Heart (暖Coeur)” in the "Breakfast Hall":

While being a casual French, I will pick you up in the cuisine and space that feels fine.
Breakfast is served in this restaurant


Breakfast venue

Elegant buffet of Japanese and Western cuisines with more than 15 different items available at any time.
Healthy foods are served to fill you up to start a day of activities
(the Breakfast Hall can be changed to the 2F Banquet Hall).

Each Floor

Whole interior is designed with a calm atmosphere for relaxation,
using motifs of historical celebrities from where our hotel is located.